Notice of summons to ordinary Shareholders' Meeting of CAD IT S.p.A.

The CAD IT S.p.A. ordinary Shareholders' Meeting is summoned on 30th April 2021, at 11.00, in single call, at the Company head offices in Verona, via Torricelli 44/a, to deliberate on the following items on the agenda:

  • proposal to approve the financial statements at 31st December 2020 and consequent resolutions.

Reports on the Items on the Agenda

As required by the laws in force, the documentation relating to the Items on the Agenda, will be made available to the shareholders at the Company’s registered office in Verona, via Torricelli 44/a, within the terms prescribed by the laws and regulations in force and, given the current COVID-19 epidemiological emergency situation, will be exceptionally made available for consultation also in the Investor Relations section on the Company's website

Entitlement to attend and right to vote

The right to attend the Meeting and the right to vote shall be certified, pursuant to the laws in force and the Company’s by-laws, by a notification to the Company, in favour of the subject who have voting rights, by the intermediary in whose accounts the shares are registered, in accordance with its accounting records. The shares relating to that notification must be registered in the account of the subject entitled to vote within 2 (two) working days from the date set for the Shareholders' Meeting, i.e. by 28th April 2021. Following such registration, the shares may not be transferred until the close of the Meeting in relation to which such registration was made.

Provisions for telematic participation

Considering the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency situation and pursuant to Article 106 of Law Decree no. 18 of 17th March 2020, converted with amendments by Law No. 27 of 24th April 2020, aimed at minimising travel and gatherings, participation in the Shareholders' Meeting and the exercise of voting rights are allowed exclusively by videoconference.

Those who intend to attend the Meeting must therefore send - no later than 12:00 noon on 29th April 2021 - a specific request to the Company's e-mail address or attaching:

(i) a copy of the notice referred to in the preceding paragraph (Entitlement to attend and right to vote);

(ii) a copy of a valid identity document of the participant with a photo and, in the event of participation by proxy pursuant to the following paragraph (Representation at the Shareholders' Meeting), of the delegating subject; in the event of a representative of a legal entity or a proxy of a legal entity pursuant to the following paragraph (Representation at Shareholders' Meeting), evidence of the right to be entitled to participate in the Meeting or to grant proxy must also be sent;

(iii) a copy of any proxy duly completed and signed.

By the end of the day of 29th April 2021, the Company shall communicate to the subjects who have duly produced the above documents (and to the same e-mail address used for sending them) the appropriate link for attending the Meeting. Subjects who have not duly complied with the above requirements shall not be entitled to participate and vote. However, this shall not affect the entitlement to attend and vote if, at the time the request is sent, the notice referred to in the preceding paragraph (Entitlement to attend and right to vote) has not yet been issued by the intermediary, provided that such notice is received by the Company before the beginning of the proceedings of the single call and the request to attend the Meeting is in any event accompanied by the documents referred to in sub-paragraph (ii) and, where applicable, sub-paragraph (iii): in this case, the applicant (or the relevant proxy) will still be allowed access to the video-conference.

Representation at Shareholders’ Meeting

Those who have rights to attend the Meeting may be represented by written proxy, in compliance with the laws in force and the Company’s by-laws. To this aim, a proxy form is available in the Investor Relations, Shareholders' Meeting section on the Company's website at

This notice of summons is published on the Company’s website, Investor Relations section and in the daily newspaper “La Repubblica”.

Verona, 15th April 2021

On behalf of the Board of Directors

The Chairman

Renato Dalla Riva

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