SLICE - Commissions and Reporting


SLICE - Commissions and Reporting


The commission management system developed by CAD IT was created to bridge the limits and gaps that the systems / processes supporting business, reporting management and Promoter payment networks undergo over time. Over the last ten years, CAD IT has gained in-depth experience in this market sector at leading Italian private banking companies.

The system developed by CAD IT is customizable, integrable, modular and scalable so that it can be adapted to the greatest variety of situations for acquisition, commission retrocession, reporting, compensation management and billing systems.

The value proposition of CAD IT

Some features of CAD IT’s system:

  • parameterizable product catalogue with product level rates, commission type, waivers, agent, customer, etc.;
  • contract management outlining the types of commissions by contract type;
  • calculation of statutory compensation (FIRR, IME, ISC, IMP, ...,);
  • monthly Enasarco management and quarterly presentation;
  • process control monitor;
  • multi-institution and multi-network management;
  • electronic invoicing with Enasarco management;
  • TAX regimes and deductible and non-deductible VAT.

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