Software for Industry and Public Administration


Software for Public Administration

CAD IT is currently at the head of a group that represents one of the most dynamic organisations in the Italian Information Technology sector with a leading position in providing software solutions for Tax Collection in Italy.

CAD IT operates in this sector with its own controlled company SMART LINE, an Italian firm with head offices in Prato that boasts over 20 years' experience in the Italian Tax Collection field.

The Sistema Esazione Tributi (SET) suite is the national computer technology solution able to guarantee maximum data security, integrity and privacy to Companies that manage public tax collection. 

The SET suite for tax collection is the National IT solution being used by the Institutions that manage public tax collection.

The activity in this sector began in the 1980s and has been developed by constantly keeping up with the legal and functional evolutions in the management of both "voluntary" and "compulsory" tax collection.

Since 2006, in view of the ongoing decentralisation of local tax collection, CAD IT has made considerable investments in developing its FE suite for managing Taxation for Public Authorities, capitalising on its thirtyfive-year experience in Tax Collection at a central level.

FE offers avant-garde tools at the service of all types of central and local Authority for managing tax collection, from preparing "loading lists" up to payment collection and settlement.

Furthermore, the FE suite includes planning and control solutions that improve the Authority's internal management, so that Public Administration can accompany the citizen through all the most important events of the public service lifecycle: from information services to the various payment means.

CAD IT believes that the reason leading institutions and Authorities have chosen its sw solutions and services is mainly due to the following:

  • FE guarantees adjustment to constantly changing regulations. Likewise, the suite undergoes continual and significant technological innovation with part of profits being poured into Research and Development annually;
  • The CAD IT's PA sector management and technicians have a profound knowledge of all the problems and operative areas involved in Tax Collection and take an active part in the various information technology work groups held by the Ministry of Finance, the Inland Revenue and category Associations.
  • SET is used by the entire national tax collection system (including the autonomous Regions) and therefore, the "User experience" of an extremely large number of users contributes to its improvement;
  • the offer of customised services and an architecture based on extremely granular standard components can easily be extended to the required environment.

CAD IT's Customers are Authorities, Licensed Companies, Tax Collection Agents and Banking Groups that carry out Treasury and Tax collection services.

Taxation for Authorities (FE) and Tax Collection System (SET) are used throughout Italy and exclusively manage tax collection activities for the National Public Administration Service.

Software for Industry

CAD IT provides consultancy and professional services offering companies innovative solutions and specific support based on technology and INFOR managerial software. 

With 40 years' experience in the production, release and maintenance of managerial systems for industry, CAD IT supports application and managerial process upgrades for small and medium enterprises by placing its expertise and specific solutions at disposal.

In 2008, the Company began collaborating with Infor, an international leader in the development of Enterprise Applications. Through a network of strategic alliances, CAD IT acts as a unique interlocutor in the management and coordination of projects both in Italy and abroad, placing a large team of highly specialized experts at its customers' service.

The ERP M3 platform englobes cutting edge technologies and avant-garde methodologies, that can also be accessed by cloud, and is distributed in 45 different countries in 22 languages.

Due to remarkable skills, the quality of the resources and services offered and its professional expertise in creating and developing projects, CAD IT is now a partner of reference for Infor, proposing technologically advanced solutions able to cover all aspects and areas of operational management, from predictive management control to contract management for the large-scale retail industry, from commercial budgeting tools to financial planning.

Global and centralized business continuity management (AMS, hosting) enrich the offer together with constant and long-lasting relations with the customers to whom we not only provide the implementation project, but also training, assistance, technology management, security and cloud security.

Every project that CAD IT creates is coordinated and checked by the Project Management Office whose support guarantees methodology and qualified planning and control procedures and ensures that objectives, times and costs are correctly monitored.

Over the years, CAD IT has consolidated concrete skills in fashion and food & beverage company processes, the areas in which the M3 platform is more greatly specialized.