Announcement of “issuer of financial instruments widely distributed among the public” loss of status

CAD IT S.p.A. (“CAD IT” or the “Company”), leader in the Italian financial software market, announces that, following the evidence received in relation to the notification of the increase in the controlling stake held (directly and indirectly) by parent company CEDACRI S.p.A. in the share capital of the Company, acknowledges the decrease in the overall percentage of share capital held in CAD IT by shareholders different to the majority shareholders below the 5% threshold, i.e. the loss of the quantitative requirement pursuant to Article 2-bis, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Consob Issuers' Regulation no. 11971/1999 and consequently of the qualification of "issuer of financial instruments widely distributed among the public", complying with the prescribed obligations towards Consob.

It remains understood that, pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article 108 of the Issuers' Regulation, CAD IT is considered issuer of widely-distributed financial instruments for the purposes of the application of all obligations set out by the Legislative Decree 58/1998 until closure of the financial year during which it was established that said conditions were not met, i.e. until 31st December 2020.

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