Management software for the fashion industry


Management software for the fashion industry

Infor M3 for Fashion is the ERP solution designed specifically to meet the constantly evolving needs of the fashion industry. With M3 for Fashion, companies can manage the entire process and value chain with no interruptions, from design to production through to distribution to the customer. M3 allows the user to develop styles and products more quickly, thus guaranteeing time to market.

Over 1500 customers in the fashion sector in more than 50 countries use the ERP Infor M3 Fashion platform.

Designers, distributers and producers are constantly on the lookout for tools to keep pace with a rapidly evolving and highly competitive market. Fashion trends and consumer needs change at breakneck speed. Seasonality, style models, selling times, globalization, outsourcing and supply chain complexity are just some of the problems that fashion companies have to face.

Infor M3 Fashion is the ERP able to provide solutions specifically designed for small, medium and large enterprises operating in the field of textiles, footwear, clothing, accessories and fashion. M3 unites a latest-generation ERP system to company process management functionalities in real time: from design to development, from sourcing to production, from distribution to sales.

Infor M3 Fashion also offers an Implementation Accelerator for faster implementation, adopts the sector's best practices, reduces implementation risks and TCO.

Infor M3 Fashion leads to:

  • improved performances along the entire supply chain of highly customized products;
  • faster introduction of new products;
  • punctual  response to a constantly evolving demand;
  • production and distribution support in outsourcing;
  • rapid growth in an extremely competitive market;
  • increased efficiency;
  • further consolidated collaboration with suppliers, customers and partners;
  • reduction in business costs;
  • product lifecycle management;
  • increased workloads without raising costs.