SHRD - Shareholders' Rights Directive


SHRD - Shareholders' Rights Directive

The SHRD directive aims to promote a more conscious and stable shareholder involvement in corporate government and to simplify exercising the relative rights.
In order to pursue these objectives, new regulatory controls have been introduced to ensure that companies have the right to identify their own shareholders and that brokers make exercising the rights of said shareholders easier, including the right to participate and vote at general shareholder meetings. 

Institutional investors and business managers are required to divulge their commitment and investment policy in associated companies. Furthermore, Information and procedure controls relating to the remuneration policy for directors and transactions with correlated parties have also been laid down. The directive aims to improve the governance of listed companies, thus strengthening long-term competition and sustainability.
The indications in this text foresee harmonization that allows member States to introduce or maintain exemptions or stricter requirements in consideration of the specificities of corporate law in the various European Union jurisdictions.

Italy has introduced modifications to the primary regulations that govern the following:

  • transactions with correlated parties;
  • shareholder identification;
  • remuneration policy report and remunerations paid;
  • consultant transparency regarding voting.

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