Workshop - MiFID Compliant Consultancy

Strategic use of advanced consultancy as a business tool in line with governmental laws in force

Verona, November 26th 2008 10.45-13.30
Sala Convegni Gruppo CAD IT
Via Torricelli 44/a - Verona

On Wednesday, November 26th 2008, the CAD IT group will launch its own software package to aid the distribution of “MiFID compliant consultancy”.

The CAD IT solution will enable banking institutions to offer their customers an efficient means of supplying financial consultancy in line with governmental laws in force.

The software is perfectly compatible with the CAD IT procedure and is able to support other banking systems such as “Deposit Certificates” and “Insurance placements”.

The advanced graphic interface, which works with any browser on the market, is the other important feature that, by taking advantage of the graphic support and multidimensional analysis with their consistent and updated data, enables the bank to help the customer find the most appropriate investment strategies.

Participation at the workshop is free, however an enrolment request sent to the Marketing office of the CAD IT group is required (by e.mail to or by tel +39 045 8211236).
This event is aimed at banks using CAD IT’s “Area Finanza” (Financial Area) procedure.

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