CAD IT Products are now in use on departmental platforms as well as mainframes

CAD IT Products are multi-platform, multi-lingual and multi-browser on the basis of the optimal flexibility and integrability of their logic

CAD IT, leader in the Italian financial software market and quoted in the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana, hereby announces that, using the most highly developed information technologies available on the market today, its own software applications can be applied in a multi-platform logic in Service Oriented architecture.

The project approach targets the systems adopted by users in the Finance, banking and insurance, Central and Local Public Administration and industry sectors both in terms of Mainframe and departmental servers.

In strong partnership with the major players in hardware and software technology, CAD IT confidently demands excellence in the know-how and use of architecture, systems, languages and best practices.

The targeted environments where the applications are certified include:

  • Mainframe: IBM MVS/ESA/ZOS
  • Linux
  • MS Windows

CAD IT operates on all the most commonly used databases on the market:

  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server

Some CAD IT applications, such as “Financial Area” and “Easy Match”, have recently been purchased by important clients for SUN infrastructure configuration with Oracle databases.

These applications are part of the CAD IT range of multi-lingual products that can be used through the Internet using the most well-known browsers.

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