CAD IT shareholders' meeting appoints the new independent auditor for the financial years 2019/2027

The ordinary shareholders' meeting of CAD IT S.p.A. (, leader company in the Italian financial software market, met today on first call and deliberated:

  • the revocation for just cause of the statutory audit role assigned to PKF S.p.A. on 29th April 2015 pursuant to art. 13 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree no. 39 of January 27, 2010 and to art. 4 paragraph 1 letter a) of Ministerial Decree no. 261 of 2012;
  • at the same time, the appointment of EY S.p.A as independent auditors, upon motivated proposal of the board of statutory auditors, for the nine-year period 2019/2027, setting the related remuneration according to the conditions and terms indicated in the proposal formulated by the same company.
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