Management software for the food & beverage industry


Management software for the food & beverage industry

Infor M3 for Food & Beverage has over 1,200 references in the food industry in more than 90 countries and is the ERP solution that specializes in managing the complexities and typical challenges of this sector.

Planning and programming traceability, recipe management, frequent changes in customer requests, optimization of the logistics chain, shelf-life problems, product expiry management, unit weighing, adhering to regulations, formula quality and optimization and the speedy commercialization of new products are all requirements that find answers in Infor M3 F&B so that costs and profitability can be kept constantly under control and, at the same time, ensure the consumer of a better service.

Infor M3 F&B also offers an Implementation Accelerator for faster implementation, adopts the sector's best practices, reduces implementation risks and TCO.

Infor M3 F&B is available to companies operating in the following sectors:

  • beverages;
  • baked goods;
  • dairy goods;
  • oils and fats;
  • fruit and vegetables;
  • meat, poultry and fish;
  • convenience foods.

Infor M3 F&B leads to:

  • increased percentage of correct orders;
  • global supply chain management;
  • reduction in cash-to-cash cycle times;
  • waste reduced to a minimum;
  • increased productivity;
  • recipe and formula optimization;
  • compliance to food health and safety regulations and recall management;
  • faster response to changes in demand.

With additional modules to accompany M3, relations with the large-scale retail traders can also be perfectly managed in order to:

  • negotiate effectively with buyers;
  • simulate, in real time, the impacts of sales and marketing politics on marginality;
  • obtain reliable and punctual financial statements;
  • turn strategic objectives into action plans that can be measured and monitored.

By having tools for:

  • order collection and management;
  • off-invoice agreement management;
  • promotion and baseline management;
  • marginality - Fast Close - consolidated financial and asset management;
  • negotiations with customers, budget canvassing and variance analysis.

CAD IT completes its M3 offer by providing the experience and skills acquired on other Infor solutions.

  • ION Open or Close

    Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) integrates Infor applications and third party software extremely easily. ION is a middleware that leads to obtaining a simple yet powerful, scalable framework able to eliminate operative silos, drastically improve exception management and achieve a significant level of end-to-end efficiency.

    ION breaks down software solution barriers and, thanks also to a scalable architecture, Infor applications and third party software can be easily integrated, workflows and alerts that considerably improve exception management can be created, business processes can be designed, standardized, monitored or modified with minimal involvement of the IT department, business can be monitored and better decisions can be made in less time, all with applications that are available 24/7.

  • Ming.le Open or Close

    Infor Ming.le is an integrated business collaboration platform that improves business and provides analytical reports in the appropriate application context. Infor Ming.le is incorporated in the Infor M3 ERP and allows all employees to communicate, collaborate and easily follow colleague, resource and process activities that need to be done. The information is saved as documents, designs, photos and videos in a central environment together with the application context data so that it can easily be retrieved.

    A modern user experience provides employees with data, puts colleagues into contact, depending on the role each one covers, and reduces the use of email.

    Infor Ming.le not only allows users to identify business problems, it also resolves them directly within the application, thus favouring an increase in productivity.

    Ming.le takes advantage of the Internet of Things by creating a network of company connections and capturing the company's vital knowledge.

  • Factory Track Open or Close

    Infor Factory Track offers end-to-end production automation with warehouse mobility, traceability and tools for monitoring the workforce and time.

    Designed to simplify production and speed up inventory operations, Factory Track was built specifically to be integrated with industrial production solutions. It provides visibility and understanding of real costs, improves cycle times and meets customer expectations in terms of on-time deliveries.

    Goods inventories are appropriately carried out, production keeps to scheduled times, production costs are kept under control, barcodes, logistics and goods handling are managed, storage/withdrawal processes are managed as are lots, elements and components and, of course, work shifts.

    The Factory Track modules are:

    • Warehouse Mobility for automating data collection, thus reducing errors between physical and countable warehouse stock and logistics automation;
    • Time Track for managing times, presences and timetables;
    • Shop Floor for automating production planning and improving and checking processes and responsibilities.
  • Scheduling Workbench Open or Close

    Infor M3 Scheduling Workbench (M3SWB) is a powerful support tool for decisions concerning order flow synchronization along the supply chain, from purchase orders to production and distribution orders.

    It helps guarantee that customer orders are completed on time, identifying any potential absence of material and resource bottlenecks. Whether a company's supply chain is simple or complex, Scheduling Workbench provides that crucial visibility to determine the consequences of customer order delivery.

    Scheduling Workbench improves delivery performances, customer satisfaction and profitability.